Midway along the pristine, unspoiled northern coastline of the Dominican Republic is the serene rural community of Abreu, Cabrera.

When speaking of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, you hear terms like Costa Verde (“green coast”) and Costa Ambar (“amber coast”). This is the first landing place of Christopher Columbus and where the first colonies were attempted, in Puerto Plata. The attempts did not go so well so the first permanent colony was actually down south where Santo Domingo now stands.

To this day the North Coast offers some of the most beautiful coastlines, hillsides and mountains imaginable. The country is so beautiful that many movies have been filmed here, arguably the most famous one being Jurassic Park.

Rugged seacliffs combined with soaring waterfalls near smooth white sandy beaches all framed by one of the largest palm tree forests in the world.  This is paradise, to be sure.

The coastline is sparsely populated by comparison with other parts of the country. The major cities, from west to east, are Monte Cristi, Luperon, Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete, Rio San Juan, Cabrera, Nagua and Las Terrenas.

All in all, though, there are probably only 500,000 people living along the entire north coast out of a total population of over 8 million!

This is why, even on a busy day, the beaches on the north coast still offer plenty of room for everyone.


The number of activities and interests you can enjoy in the Dominican Republic are limitless. Click the catogories below to discover the different options in the area.

  • Playa Grande Golf Course
    The Dominican Republic boasts more than 23 golf courses with the Playa Grande Golf Course easily being one of the most stunning. Indeed, it is considered by many as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the entire Caribbean. Located between Rio San Juan and Cabrera on the pristine northern coast of this Caribbean island paradise, the Playa Grande Golf Course covers an area of over 370 acres.

    Located only 7 minutes down the road from our luxurious villa is the perfect Caribbean golf resort destination of Playa Grande Golf Course.
  • Playa Grande
    A truly amazing and one of a kind beach, located only 5 minutes drive from the villa, boasts a beautiful stretch of unspoiled beach dotted with palm trees with friendly waves lapping at the shores.  Surfers and swimmers alike enjoy this beach year around.  When you go, make sure to order lunch on the beach so you can enjoy some of the super fresh seafood!

  • Playa Paradiso
    Located next to Playa Grande this beach is smaller but is even more remote.  Azure blue waters rimmed by palm trees and white sand.  An amazing beach and one you will be sure to enjoy while you are there.

  • Playa Diamante
    An extremely interesting beach because it is connected with a river, also you can walk almost 400 meters into the ocean and the water is still only chest deep.  Because of this it is a favorite location for bringing the children and letting them play in the water.  Literally no waves, so it is safe for all ages.  Note, however, that this is the ocean so always keep an eye on the kids.

  • Playa Caleton
    A lovely beach located in the town of Rio San Juan, only about 10 minutes from the villa.  The ‘cove’ type of beach you remember from those romantic island movies and perfect for a day at the beach or romantic interlude.

  • Playa Entrada
    An undiscovered gem about 15 minutes from the villa; undiscovered to the windsurfers and kitesurfers of the world.  Very much like the famous beach of Cabarete, Playa Entrada is over 5 miles of untouched pristine white sand sprinkled with palms and very swimmable.

  • Cabo Francis
    Only about 3 minutes from our vacation villa rental is the beautiful beach at Cabo Francis.  Very swimmable, very beautiful and very fun!

  • Playa Cabarete
    Located about 1 hour away from the villa is the famous Cabarete Beach; made famous as the windsurfing capital of the world.  Ask about special accommodations we can arrange if you want to go up and spend the evening.

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